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Mallorie Miles
26 August
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Mallorie Miles
A story without regrets

Mallorie Miles is the only child of Stephen and Marie Miles. A bright child, she was raised on her father's knee, designing skyscrapers and bridges from whatever she might get her hands on. Houses of cards. Tinker toy buildings that withstood her stomping about. Bridges out of her biscuits. When most girls were doodling hearts and names on their papers, Mallorie was making tiny cityscapes that could have fit on the head of a pin.

Attending university under the tutelage of her father, she quickly learned the intricacies of building, of designing both classical and modern structures, and how to make a statement without a single word being spoken. She also learned something more. The ability of the mind to dream, and what man could do with that ability.

Soon after graduating, Mallorie took a position with a small firm in Paris, mostly designing commercial buildings with little of the flair she possessed. Yet it allowed her to follow her passion - the art of constructing the dream. Soon she left her position with the firm, working purely freelance for people all over the world who had need fo someone with an eye for detail, promise when it came to the more devious nature of the job, and the ability to keep stay mun about what it was she did.
Verses and Stories

Temptations: Precanon. Eames works often with Mal and Cobb, spending time with them and hanging around. Mal and Eames have started flirting hardcore, and in dreams it starts to heat up. With eamesofdreams

Beginnings: AU canon. Post inception. Mal meets a beautiful man named Robert Fischer and they begin an affair. With plagiarius


((ooc: Obviously an AU Mal from the movie Inception. Mostly the idea is to play her as a free spirited, and talented, dream architect who, while not married to Cobb, would be familiar with those that are the best and brightest in the field. Comments welcome either premovie canon, or post. Discussion for plots or verses are welcome, as is constructive criticism of how I play Mal. Both mun and muse are over the age of 18. I do not own Marion, Inception, Christopher Nolan or anything associated with Inception, thank you.))